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 forum bannier

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what do you think about forum skin???
fuckin nice, omg i m crying ! ! !
forum bannier I_vote_lcap75%forum bannier I_vote_rcap
 75% [ 6 ]
yeah nice but i see better
forum bannier I_vote_lcap25%forum bannier I_vote_rcap
 25% [ 2 ]
omg, Radikal get the fuck out of there, this is good for jerk
forum bannier I_vote_lcap0%forum bannier I_vote_rcap
 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 8


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PostSubject: forum bannier   forum bannier Icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 11:51 pm

so what do you think about this lovely bloody RED bannier do you like it? (sound good with the hardrock song from black sabbath lol)
i wanted to made something like when you see it you say " omg Xp are fockin rageoous people ! ! !"
it came to the fact that so many ppl leave and so now anger and destruction is our second name lol
tell me what do you think

if you think about something just tell me ( i need some inspiration )
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PostSubject: Re: forum bannier   forum bannier Icon_minitimeSat Jun 12, 2010 11:28 pm

<a href="http://ucyberleague.net/urt/index.php?p=clans&id=58"><img src="http://ucyberleague.net/urt/clanimage.php?id=58"></a>

ADD this banner,is from UCL
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forum bannier
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